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Penyambut tetamu
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Refleksi KKP WAJ 3102

The name of Allah,Most Gracious,Most Merciful.

I feel very grateful to Allah because of him I completed this English Language Proficiency’s Short Course Work properly. Without the strengh provided him, of course I despair and cannot performing this task better. I am a liar if I said that this course work not giving me anythings. I don’t wanna be a liar, because I want to be a good muslim boy,a good student,and a good teacher soon as well.So, I have to explain what did I get from this task sincerely from my heart.

This task is about English grammar including of types of sentences, parts of speech and build of sentences. Without guidance from my beloved lecturer Puan Wan Ziraiza, surely I would make the task very hard. She showed me and my friends about these things from earlier. Then, after the task was given, she taught us how to make it easily. Just make it in the table. Yes. So, I used what I have learnt before and I put them into this task. From the article on environment that I took, I selected and analyzed 10 sentences according to the 5 parts of speech. There are noun, verb, adverb, adjective and finally pronoun. From this work, I can refresh my knowledges regarding to the grammar and structure of my English sentences.

Second, I identified simple ,compound and complex sentences in the article. These items are types of sentences. I am wanted to give two examples each. Here, I made it very hard. I failed to analyze which one complex and compound sentences in the article because for me both of the sentences is like similar. To solve the problem, I was surfing internet to get the extra informations about the complex and compound sentences. Then, I was able to made it better.

Next, I selected 3 verbs from the article. Then I was asked to construct 12 sentences for each of the verb according to the sub tenses. Here also ,Puan Wan Ziraiza showed us how to make it better. She asked me and friends to construct the table and put the sentences on it. The sentences must be contain simple, compound, complex, present, past, future tense, progressive, perfect tense and others. These things is what are we have learnt in this semester.

As conclusion, I got read critically for meaning and understanding of a variety of texts. Next, I was able to use correct and appropriate language structure in different types of writing. Finally, I could assess my own language progress through this reflection. Praises be to God.

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